Uber wants to wipe out car sickness with bursts of air, vibrating seats

Uber’s all-in on self-driving cars. It makes sense. Built on the backs of its drivers, Uber’s future might very well be determined by whether or not it can replace them. Autonomous vehicles don’t get paid, don’t skip out on driving when they’re sick, and (probably) don’t film Travis Kalanick dancing to Maroon 5 in the backseat of an SUV. But, according to user experience designer Molly Nix, much of the thinking around self-driving cars has been about the absence of a driver, not the presence of a passenger. This is something Nix, and Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group hopes to solve.…

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A former AT&T employee is changing the way engineers find work online

There are a few decisions that truly redefined my life and the way I see things. Starting to work remotely was one of those. More and more people and companies are embracing remote work. Technology has enabled us to manage small to large teams online without having to meet everyone in a physical office. Technology has also enabled us to find more work online and today there are tons of options for where people can find remote or freelance work online. Recently I got the chance to talk a little bit with the creator of FieldEngineer, a platform that enables…

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Tesla’s new pocket-sized battery looks nice, but that’s about it

Tesla slipped a new product onto its website under the radar. Not a new car, I’m afraid, but a portable battery, of all things. Sporting a gorgeous black-and-red color scheme and the Tesla name, the battery is one of the same kind of lithium-ion cells that power older Tesla models. Unfortunately, the casing isn’t housing anything particularly spectacular. Tesla’s power bank is only 3,350 mAh and costs $45. You can get a 10,000 mAh power bank on Amazon for a song, so all this little device seems to have to recommend it is branding. Another disadvantage: the Powerbank doesn’t have…

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5 companies dead-set on ‘shaking up’ the world of blockchain

In case you need a quick refresher, blockchains are made up of chronological records of transactions. The information that’s stored in these ledgers is saved in verifiable chunks, which are known as blocks. Blocks are chained together to form blockchains. This technology is completely revolutionary, but it’s yet to go mainstream. That being said, blockchain technology is already proving successful for a variety of companies in various fields, from security to transportation and logistics. Below are five blockchain companies to keep your eye on moving forward. 1) Binded Blockchain is often associated with digital currencies, but it has many other…

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Baidu’s new smart speaker is a level of weird we should all strive for

Baidu, China’s answer to Google, recently unveiled its new smart speaker design, as well as prototype future versions. The devices look nothing like what we’ve come to expect from such devices — and I’m all for that. 'Humans & machines have been interacting w/ one another for years, but raven H aims to create a world in which this interaction is seamless.' – Cheng (Jesse) Lyu, Raven founder & Baidu GM https://t.co/2lrqrxtgUs#BaiduWorld ~*Bring #AI to Life*~ pic.twitter.com/HQFun4bKmR — Baidu Inc. (@Baidu_Inc) November 16, 2017 Eschewing any sleekness that might have invited comparisons with Amazon’s Echo or Apple’s HomePod, the Raven…

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What’s up with iOS 11’s spinning App Store buttons?

Google might have a penchant of including Easter eggs in every version of Android, but that doesn’t mean Apple is devoid of whimsy. Take, for example, the mysterious case of spinning buttons in the App Store. Every once in a while, the ‘Open’ button on a recently updated app will begin to rotate; the app is seemingly chosen at random. The, umm, feature appears to have been added with iOS 11, and as far as we can tell, there’s nothing triggering the spins. It just happens spontaneously. and seems somewhat rare. That said, we’re not the only ones who spotted…

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Facebook’s nerds bested by Japan’s in the race to train AI

Facebook this summer announced a breakthrough in neural network training. Its researchers were able to fully train an image processing AI in one hour, using 256 GPUs. Not to be outdone a group of university researchers did it in 32 minutes with 1600 Skylake processors. And a week later a team in Japan did it in 15 minutes. This is why we call it an AI race. The process of training a neural network is exactly how you’re picturing it. As long as you’re imagining it like this: Basically you jam as much data as you possibly can, as quickly…

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The company helping retailers thrive and survive in the Amazon era

Savvy shoppers are already looking for the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. The more perceptive would argue that it would make much more sense to keep their credit card locked away rather than squandering your hard earned cash on items you want but don’t necessarily need. On the other side of the fence, how can retailers thrive and survive in the Amazon era? The ease in which consumers can order almost anything and have it delivered the following day is something that many retailers cannot compete with or think they can. However, CommerceHub is a company that you…

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Nearsighted or colorblind? Here are helpful options on iOS and Android

In the smartphone-centric world of today, it can be rough if you suffer from any kind of ocular condition which keeps you from seeing your phone clearly all the time. Meaning, if you’re visually impaired or colorblind, you might have trouble seeing the hyper-colored, tiny text many sighted people take for granted. There are, of course, hardware solutions and apps designed to help, but you’ll also be able to find some options already built into your phone. Here are a few accessibility options you can find on iPhones and Android which might help you if you have some kind of…

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How to expand your startup across the globe

In the past five years, I’ve worked for and with various startups across the globe. As an English as a Second Language teacher, I’ve been fascinated to watch cultures interact, see businesses grow, and be part of a global ecosystem that didn’t exist for quite some time. With the fast rise of the Internet along with instant universal connection, the ability to scale a startup has brought both tremendous growth and opportunity. Startup capital According to a recent report from Bloomberg, capital raised in 2017 falls into the following categories, all of which have a digital and vast scalable component:…

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